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Extra Hot BBQ Sauce – 16 oz

Extra Hot BBQ Sauce – 16 oz

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At Lone Tree BBQ, our sauce is a Memphis-style sauce with a tomato, mustard, and vinegar base. The perfect combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy!

Our sauce is meant to be the perfect compliment to enhance flavor for all smoked meats, not to overpower the meat flavor!

Our Extra Hot Sauce adds an intense ghost pepper spice to our sweet and tangy bbq flavor.

This crowd-requested flavor is perfect for the person that enjoys a real spicy kick!

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Never Settle For Artificial

Lone Tree BBQ strives to give you nothing but the real thing. Impress friends and family today with culinary-grade BBQ sauce.


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What Makes Lonetree Unique?

Lone Tree is unique because we use family recipes developed over decades.  We use local co-packers to produce small batches with quality ingredients.

What Does The Sauce Taste Like?

It's a unique twist of its own but often compared to memphis style bbq.

What Is Small Batch?

Our production runs are typically 25-100 gallons which is much smaller than most companies.  This allows us to ensure the quality of our products.

Where Is Lone Tree?

Lone Tree refers to an old tree that our Dad saw driving down a country road. Ironically there is a city in Colorado (actually the town over from ours) called Lone Tree but that has nothing to do with our name.